Ingrid Martinez

Philosophy of Education

Published by Ingrid Martinez on Thursday, December 7, 2017.

My philosophy as a future teacher is that a quality education is a fundamental right for everyone. I also believe that as we move towards the future, it is our job as educators to instill a love for learning by being the best version of ourselves in the classroom and teaching in a way that will leave an imprint in the student’s mind forever.


My aspiration as an educator is to come in to the classroom each day and see eager eyes and thirsty minds waiting to explore the world we live in. It is my top priority as a teacher to create a stimulating environment for my students to inspire fascination and curiosity with the natural world. I very much understand the importance of teaching a set of skills and specific concepts that build the foundations to knowledge, but I also believe in using creative means and progressive ideas to present information.


Every day, I am going to remind myself that gaining the trust of the students in my classrooms will make them better learners. I will remind myself that mutual respect is the path to accomplish this. I can show respect by valuing their existence and knowing that each student that walks through my classroom is worthy of being there and deserves my attention. I will show interest in their lives, and I will reach out with resources if there ever is a need for that. I will make sure the student feels safe and supported by me, by truly listening and being in tune with the needs of the classroom. I will also require these expectations of respect from my students as well. I am going to tell my students to expect the best from me and to expect the best from themselves. I want to set the bar high in my classroom, but not so high that none reaches it and I lose motivation from the students to even try.

Strategies for the Classroom-

Part of my philosophy is also the approach I want to take towards presenting information. I am a very visual, hands on learner and that’s the kind of classroom I want to provide for my students. It won’t be enough for me to lecture them about different scientific concepts, I want my students to be involved and engaged through hands on activities and thought provoking ideas. In my classroom, my students will be equipped with good critical thinking skills, an important skill that will be put to use for the rest of the their lives. Acquiring independent thought and critical thinking skills, will mean that in my classroom, failure won’t be seeing as a bad word. If they get comfortable with failing but not quitting, the sky is the limit for them.