Ingrid Martinez

Philosophy of Classroom Management Plan

Published by Ingrid Martinez on Thursday, December 7, 2017.

The classroom management is of most importance, it is the key factor efficient classroom. It is my hope that by having a clear classroom management plan, we can eliminate friction, resentment and bad behavior. Please read through each section with your child and sign in the provided line after you do so.

Classroom planning and procedures-

The first step I’m taking in my classroom to prevent having to raise my voice or give out consequences for bad behavior, will be reading and applying policies and procedures in my classroom. Please read through the policy and procedures with your cildl


I will generally assign a homework assignment packet at the beginning of the week, and the kids will have the opportunity to work on it though out the week at home. Some packets will be more demanding than others, so it’s a good idea to take Monday as the planning day to see how much time you’ll be needing to invest in the packet that week. Because I’m giving the kids plenty of time to work on homework, instead of sending an assignment nightly and having it due the next day, I will not accept late work for full credit. Late work will be worth 50% less the assigned points. However, I will accept early work, so plan ahead if you plan on being gone when homework is due.

Absences and Tardy-

One minute after the bell rings, I will start passing around the roll call clip board, if you do not write your name down for the class period when it’s getting passed around to you, you will be marked as absent that day.Please see the school handbook for the school-wide policy on absences.

Bullying in my classroom:

I will have zero tolerance for any kind of bullying in my class. There will be no name calling, put downs, physical aggression and if I catch any cyber bullying in my classroom, parents, the principal and the authorities will be involved. We will practice kindness. Other examples of policies and procedures to go over a with my classroom: dress code, restroom or water breaks, food and drinks in class, when is it appropriate to talk in class, lab safety, classroom fees, etc.. 

Classroom Rules

Every action in class will have a reaction, we’ll also call that a consequence. The expectations and rules in this class are intended to keep the classroom environment safe. The expected behaviors will also help us be efficient learners. I expect you to follow these rules, but the way you will get the most out of this class is to set high expectations of yourself!

The classroom “5 Ps!” is what we’ll follow:

Prompt: Be on time! We have a lot to cover in very little so take your seat as quietly as you can as soon as the bell rings. Prepared: Bring all the materials we will use in this class with you. Your textbook, your science art book, paper, and writing tools. Your grade depends on how responsible you are at performing this simple task. Productive: We are here to learn, so lets stay on task! Put away all devices, food and anything that might be a distraction to your learning. Polite: No matter who you are in life, manners will get you a long way! Be respectful to yourself by being respectful to your instructor, your peers, and your classroom. Patient: Keep calm in all things classroom: wait for you turn to speak, ask lots of questions and be patient with yourself, and practice self-control.

Parent Involvement

My door is always opened for parent-teacher meetings! We can do those face to face, email, skype, a phone call, or whatever is the best way possible to keep an open line of communication. Parents and I have one thing in common: I want to see your child succeed as well, so if there is questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me- we can always work through a problem. Newsletter: Expect a newsletter from me once a month letting you know the topics of what we’ll be talking about in Biology. A read and signed newsletter returned to school will be worth extra credit points.

Bloomz- I would like all parents and students to join the bloomz app. This will be the easiest way for me to communicate late on a group level. I will send homework reminders, make group announcements, send my newsletter, sign-ups slots for parent teachers conferences, are some of the things that will be shared on Bloomz.

Creating a positive learning community & environment

My classroom will be set up in five different groupings of desks (or tables) each seat will be an assigned seat for a certain topic we will be covering. The groupings will work together in analyzing data, doing science experiments together, helping each other study for quizzes, and essentially be a support group. Once we are done with a specific topic, we’ll rotate again and have kids seat in a different chair. This will give the kids a chance to interact with all the students in the class, avoiding cliques, excessive talking, and encourage team work and group accountability.