Ingrid Martinez

Green Apple Population

Published by Ingrid Martinez on Sunday, March 13, 2016.

Green Apple Chart — mediumGreen Apple Table — medium

I counted the seeds of a green apple I cut, and I counted three seeds. There was 729 plants alive by the fifth generation. The chart shows that in each year, the seeds of the plants accumulated were multiplied by 3. This might seem like a lot, but if you count in the environmental factors that these plants could be subjected to and limit the population, the number of plants would be less. Environmental factors could be: food (proper soil, fertilizer for the plants,) insufficient water due to regional scarcity, space availability- development taking over ideal planting areas, invasive parasite/disease of plants, and predation. The population would certainly affect the amount of plants surviving and producing food. Bad soil and water could limit the plant from maturing properly. It might not grow very good fruit. It might grow venerable and be susceptible to the invasive parasites and disease mentioned above. An attack on plants by predators, could limit the amount of plants that survive to spread their seeds and start new plants.