Ingrid Martinez

Notebook 4: 8C, Writing Strategies

Published by Ingrid Martinez on Thursday, October 1, 2015.

I stumbled upon this little research paper called, “Inequality of Education in United States.” Written by Bryan Cordes and Dr. Gerald Miller from Rockhurst University. There are a few things I appreciated about paper, as well as things I didn’t like. I was able to jot down lots of source websites they used to cite their work which have been useful. I also really like that they incorporated images and graphics to capture you in to their points. I don’t know that images are accurate depictions of children in the United States. I did appreciate that the writers appealed to logos in keeping with data and logic to present their information. The best way to educate the public is with facts through data. I felt like they used some quotes to transition in to their next point, but other quotes seemed to be lone wolfs not really serving a purpose other than to add the quote author’s opinion. I’ll be paying attention to quote usage in my future papers. It’s been great dissecting articles with the information we’ve been learning in class and knowing when a writer might be using a strategy.