Ingrid Martinez

My Eulogy

Published by Ingrid Martinez on Sunday, August 2, 2015.

Ingrid Martinez Eulogy

We are gathered here today under this big beautiful tree to celebrate the life of Ingrid Martinez.

She would not want any of us to be sad about her passing on, she would want us to be having a dance party instead. The person we knew was always ready for a party! She loved having gatherings with her family and friends and we will always remember the delicious dishes she and her husband made for the people they loved. Ingrid was someone who had a deep love for science. This, combined with her giving personality is the reason why she chose to be a donor to people in need as well as to research. She also had an adventurous heart who cared deeply for the well being of the earth, it was her wishes to have whatever was left of her turned in to ashes and have her ashes donated to Eternal Reefs to become one with a beautiful delicate eco-system. She loved her children an incredible amount, and even on her dying days, she encouraged them to be seekers of truth, be compassionate and to live life to the fullest. She and her husband Robert Mecham had so many wonderful adventures together. They loved exploring new places, expanding their knowledge, trying everything there was to eat, and watching british shows together. She lived a peaceful amazing life surrounded full of great friends and family. We will miss the long conversations about life, but now we can be inspired by her life and live our best lives like she would have wanted us to.

I hope I die in my sleep, old and content. I hope I die with a smile. I hope my children are happy and established when this happens. I don’t want to miss weddings or grandkids- I hope to be there for those very important moments in their life. I hope that when everyone gathers around to celebrates my life, they will remember to love their loved ones a little more that day. I hope lots of people come to sit in silence and remember the good times we had at one point or another.

Critical questions:

This particular assignment was a teaching moment for me in that I need to start having conversation with my parents and husband about wills, funeral arrangements, living wills, etc… This how section on getting older was eye opening to the preparation it takes to make sure you’re going to be taken care of in your elderly years. This class was very informative on the different stages of human development. It applied to all aspects of my life. I am in my thirties, with two children who are barely starting life, and parents who are starting to think about what retirement and old age will look like for them. So every chapter and every bit of information was very applicable to different aspects of my life and I truly appreciated it. One of the ideas that had the biggest impact for me was learning that the frames of our lives are built based on our home life experiences. This concept has made me reflect on the kind of frame I want to build for my children and also it has helped me build a better relationship with my husband by understanding that he has a different frame than me and that’s okay. Human development is fascinating! This class helped me understand that general patterns happen at each stage of development. All the information that I read about from stage to stage will help me be a better parent! I was also thinking that it can help me set better informed goals for my future concerning retirement, nursing home care, etc… It has inspired me to further study the science of psychology.